NAD: Jim Root Terror (demo inside)

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NAD: Jim Root Terror (demo inside)

Post by Guitarjon » Tue Nov 27, 2018 2:34 pm

I got my Jim Root Terror a little while back and I finally had some time to really put it through it's paces.

This amp is really cool and I love the tones I'm getting from it.
I own 5 other Orange lunchbox amps and each amp has it's own tonal characteristics.
The Jim Root supposedly has the same PCB as the OR15 but they don't sound the same.
The OR15 is a little bit more of an open and tight sound and the Jim Root sounds a little bit more round, to my ears anyway.

I found the sweetspot of the master volume at around 9 o clock.
When I turned it up more it lost the clarity that heavy music needs so the sweet spot was a bit lower than with the other amps.
The EQ also seems more reactive with the master volume a little lower, this was also the case with the other amps.
So for a warmer and rounder sound turning up the master works great, but for a more open and wide sound I had to really find the spot where the power tube amps just start to distort.

Of course as usual I had to document the sound of this amp in a video so I wrote a song with a seven-string, EMG equipped baritone guitar.
The settings can be seen at the beginning.
I didn't want to use a boost so this is just the sound of the amp and some effects here and there.
I had it set to 15w for this song.

Check it out:

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