RV50 HD blown tube which fuse to pull?

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Post by MJXII » Sun May 18, 2008 7:24 pm

bought a RV50 HD and cab new about 2 years ago.I recently had my first "issue" One of the tubes blew/failed during a show last week. When it happened all sound died. I checked all my cords, plugged in direct....nothing. Then magically she started to work again, but with a HORRIBLE buzzing (arrrg).We played one more song, then it happened again.no sound.

When I got home and plugged 'er in, she worked with no buzzing. The fuses are not blown.

When looking through the top , down on the tubes, one of em looks blown. All three working tubes have just a dot of orange light at the top and the blown one has a spiral of orange. If you are looking at the back of the amp it is the third tube from the left, above the "2+4 fuse".

Which fuse do I pull to stop/cut out the blown tube? I removed the 1+3 fuse amp sounds ok and tubes still light up, this is normal?

Thanks for helping a novice....


ps//this is the first tube amp i have owned//and the first problem ive ever had with it.(other than it being shipped with a dead efx loop)

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