Issues with a Thunderverb 50

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Issues with a Thunderverb 50

Post by TinMI » Sat Nov 10, 2018 7:25 pm

Hello! This is my first post on here and I hope I put it in the right section.

I recently acquired a used Thunderverb 50. It's only my second tube amp. I started with a CR120, and moved on to a OR15. I love the sound of the latter so much, and when I found a good deal on the Thunderverb I couldn't resist. I do however have some questions about it. Keep in mind I'm still new to actually owning a tube amp, and haven't had to get the OR15 fixed or anything.

I'm using a Les Paul and an SG with stock, passive pickups into an Orange 2x12 closed back with Celestion 30s. The things I address happen with or without pedals.

I noticed right away that, regardless of the gain settings, instead of notes ringing out and gradually fading, there is a sort of rhythmic pulsing as they fade. Sort of like the white noise you can hear with a chorus or flanger pedal cranked while you're not playing, if that makes any sense. Is that normal on this series? Or this wattage? I have the reverb turned all the way down, and the attenuator makes no difference.

Another issue is that notes seem to be cutting off prematurely. The best comparison I can think of is when a noise gate is turned too high and it just cuts off sustain.

These issues vary whenever I turn it on. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes not. It happens on both channels.

Sorry if this is a simple fix but I didn't know where else to ask. Thanks for reading.

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Re: Issues with a Thunderverb 50

Post by Les Paul Lover » Sun Nov 11, 2018 2:44 pm

This isn't normal at all.

The 1st thing would be the change the power valves, but they need to be biased by a tech when you do it.
If it happens on both A & B channels, the power valves are the most likely culprit.

If it happens on only 1 channel, it probably would be with a the 1st preamp valve for that channel.

Some preamp valves (3 gain stage, phase inverter, reverb) will be shared too, and could still be the culprit.

Beside that, the cyclical nature of the fault could point to a faulty capacitor in the signal chain charging up then leaking to ground, but a dodgy valve is more likely.

Was the amp sold to you as working And fully functional? Valves can be damage and transit, so if new valves sort it out, I wouldn't consider disgusting the sale, however if it doesn't........ I would make contact with the seller to start that conversation.

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Re: Issues with a Thunderverb 50

Post by TinMI » Fri Dec 21, 2018 1:31 am

Sorry for the late reply!

I've concluded it's normal. I overstated the problems I mentioned I believe out of worry. Only my second tube head and all.

I noticed it across the CR120, the OR15 and the Thunderverb. I showed a friend who plays guitar and asked someone who doesn't to listen to all three and we all noticed the same effect. What really solidified my assurance though was hearing a similar sound in a song (Black Sabbath I believe) and seeing a video of a guitar player I like get the same effect in a performance.

Again, sorry for the late update. Been very busy with work and just now getting some free time! Thanks for your help.

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