Can't decide between Dual Terror or Rocker 15 Terror!!! Opinons??

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Can't decide between Dual Terror or Rocker 15 Terror!!! Opinons??

Post by pattyzero » Mon Sep 10, 2018 3:50 pm

I really need a new amp, I sold my rig a few months ago now and getting sick of using borrowed gear!! Downsized from 50/100 watt heads and 4x12s as I just don't need that type of power.

My guitar style is somewhere between punk and metal, fast eddie clarke/ross the boss/james williamson/early thrash style stuff.
I play in a few of bands, one punk/metal crossover band, a "raw power" era stooges tribute, and a mid 80's thrash style band.
So I'm looking for different flavours of dirt, a solo boost would be great too. Don;t need more than one sound per gig.

I play a les paul and have a wah a ts9 and an EQ in the signal chain. The TS9 for a clena boost for a bi more crunch, the wah and eq for solos.

I like as simple a setup as I can get,

I'm downsizing from a JCM800 and 4x12 so looking for a smaller/lower wattage head and 2x12.

I've owned 2 TT15HWs, a Retro 50 , a rockerverb 50 and a rocker 30 over the years. The TT15HW was my favourite.

Here's my requirements -

Compact, simple and practically sized amp that has enough volume for the average venue but not too powerful so I can get the best out of it. Most venues I play are mic'd up anyway.
Needs to be able to give a range of dirty sounds from 70's rock / punk though to 80's metal (with a tube screamer in front if needed)
Facility for a solo boost would be great.

Dual Terror -

I had a TT15HW and loved it.
I toured the USA with a DT30.
Dual channels will give me a solo boost if needed.
15/30 watts will definitely be loud enough.
Will have more than enough gain.

Don't know how good they are for more metal sounds.
Will I like it as much as my old TT15HW.

Rocker terror 15 -

Pros -
Tried the brent hinds terror and loved it.
Compact and more tweakable EQ.
FX loop for solo boost.
More than enough gain.

Cons -

Don't know how good they are for more metal sounds.
Is 15 watts loud enough.

Anyone gigged either ?? Anyone any input on this??!!!

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Re: Can't decide between Dual Terror or Rocker 15 Terror!!! Opinons??

Post by stargazer747 » Tue Sep 11, 2018 5:08 am

I have 5 Orange Terrors;
Rocker 15
Brent Hinds
Jim Root Sig #4
Dark Terror
and Micro Dark

Its hard to really compare the Rocker 15 to the Dual Terror as there are significant difference between them, for one thing the Dual is twice the wattage at 30 and both channels have EQ (albeit the Shape knob), and it does not have an FX Loop. The Rocker 15 is 2-channel but only the crunch channel has EQ, the Natural (clean) channel is just volume. But it has the FX Loop and 4 attenuation options, 15, 7, 1, & .5. However, please note that both the Rocker 15 & Brent Hinds are not considered high gain amps, I was warned this by sweetwater sales before buying as well as it being noted in some youtube demos.

They have a great crunch tone but to get full burn metal out of them you'll need to run overdrives in front, which I do, they take pedals well both in front and thru the FX Loop. The Brent Hinds' EQ is a bit brighter than other Terror amps but its gain stages are more aggressive compared to the Rocker 15, starting very early on as you dial it up. Where the Jim Root & Dark Terror are recognized as high gain amps, these two new ones are not. All my Terrors do 70s & 80s Classic & Hard Rock, my kind of music and what my friends and I jam to. They cut easily thru a full 4 man band with a hard hitting drummer and can be gigged definitely if used with a 212 or 412.

I run my Orange Terrors thru 4 different cabs, mixing and matching them up all the time and they all sound great yet each has a slight unique variance between them tonally. My cabs are a custom Marshall 412 and a modified Blackstar HT112 both have Celestion Vintage 30s and 2x EVH 5150III 112 that come with Celestion 70th Anniversary which I pair up as a 212, for me these speakers are the best tone for these amps but I am sure other Celestions and even other brands will work too.

I originally wanted the Dual Terror but I am a pedal junkie with 2 pedalboards full of them, both boards are split into 2 signal paths as I take full advantage of the FX Loop. And with the Dual lacking was the deal breaker, otherwise the gain on it would have been perfect and also that its 30 Watt 2-channel head.
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Re: Can't decide between Dual Terror or Rocker 15 Terror!!! Opinons??

Post by Boy_Narf » Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:58 pm

Do you need cleans? Then DT.
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Re: Can't decide between Dual Terror or Rocker 15 Terror!!! Opinons??

Post by Les Paul Lover » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:34 pm

It's a bit of a catch 22.

The dual terror has 2 channels thay can either be clean or dirty..... mind you, totally clean it won't be Super loud.

It has more power for dirt too.

The R15 terror...... The natural channel cranked is pure power valve overdrive..... loud, but not exceedingly loud.... and the dirty channel leaves you the room for more dirt.

Neither the DT30 or R15 terror are pure metal amp really, though the full EQ will help getting really close on the R15 terror. And if you play metal through and like it.... it makes it a metal then, innit? ;)

It all really depends on the wattage you need (15 enough?), and if you preferred the TT to the R30..... The DT30 sounds more logical.

For myself, I'd go with the R15 terror, as the tiny terror aren't exactly my cup of tea.

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Re: Can't decide between Dual Terror or Rocker 15 Terror!!! Opinons??

Post by Arthon » Fri Sep 21, 2018 2:53 pm

I have a TTHW, a Rocker 15 (combo, not head) and a orange ppc410. Honestly, when I use the Rocker 15 like a head and plug it in my cab, it's nearly identical to the TTHW. Maybe the TTHW is just a tad more responsive, but thats about it. I prefer to use the Rocker 15 since it have a effect loop and I need echo/delay/reverb in my band.
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