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Orange crush 20b

Post by Pottish » Sun Oct 04, 2009 1:28 pm

Hi, owned a terrible amp until I got this sexy orange number yesturday :) One of the reasons I got it was I read alot about how it handles itself well at high volume. Granted this is my own fault for not seeing about this in person when I was in the shop but anything past half volume with the gain all the way down at two sounds like some unpleasent distortion and sorta like it's going to fall apart.

I'm sure there is plenty of good sound to be found out of this bass amp I'm just a bit new to it.

Playing a mim jazz bass with it, no pedals.

I hope the gain dial isnt just there to mock me, seen as I can't get it passed 2-3 without keeping the volume down.

No doubt I've made a stupid assumption or two in this post allready lol, incase you cant tell I'm not to experienced with amps.

Is it possible to get a clean sound out of this thing with the volume up?

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