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Post by BayofPigs » Fri Apr 25, 2008 6:13 am

So my curiosity with a 1x15 cab got the better of me and I ordered one from Humbucker Music. Overall, the cab sounds pretty good with guitar, but is meant for bass applications and is not the perfect fit. I find it a lot thicker and meaner than the 1x12 and could see it as a good alternative depending on what style of music one plays through it.

The cab is sounding better as it goes through more practices, but I still am considering changing the speaker to some sort of 15" 16 ohm speaker so I can run a 2x12 along with it.

My main complaint is that the speaker is an 8 ohm that makes it rough to run another cab with it with modern Oranges With my Matamp and OR120 this would not be a problem. The nice thing about the 1x15 with my Rockerverb 50 is that I get to crank the s--- out of it on both channels. My OR and Matamp distort enough to where I really appreciate the effecs loop on the Rocker.

Overall, if you are considering getting a 1x12 for smaller gigs, I would not hesitate to look into the 1x15. Even though it is for bass, you may surprised by how good it sounds for guitar.

Go to and the first two songs, V D and Jam 44 use the Orange 1x15.
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