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Post by Rocksully » Thu Mar 27, 2008 6:48 am

Just received this in the mail today. I bite the bullet and ordered it online. Im very happy with it, but for the money Id like it to have a few more options. I find that it warms up the sound considerably, which is nice. Even when the pedal is off the sound passing through is warm. That can also be a negative, as for me, I prefer more treble as Orange Amps are dark. Sound wise this pedal KICKS my Boss PH-3's Ass. But for options, the Boss is much better. The PT9 is True Bypass, and turning it on and off, I hear no volume change.
The only problems with the Maxon PT9 is that it is very expensive, and colours the guitar signal very slightly. Once again, the color is more warm, and that's great, but for me I have an Xotic RC booster, which I just turned up the Treble dial a little to bring it back to my own feel.
I do recommend this pedal, but I say look for one used.

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