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Orange Crush 35LDX - turns on, tuner works but no sound

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 8:26 pm
by jack.mcguire94
Hi all,

So i got an spares/repairs orange crush 35ldx to have a play with (cant help myself).

A mouse got in to it and the only damage appears to be that it chewed through the in/ground/ out cable that goes form the main board to the FX board.
I have soldered these back together.

When I turn the amp on I get a loud'ish hum from the transformer, the tuner works but no sound.
I have tried getting sound from the line out and headphones with nothing and have also tested the speaker externally and it seems to work fine.

Is there anywhere i should be checking next, does the amp need the FX board to output sound?

Thanks for any advice :)