Weird issue with TH30 volume

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Social Fuzz
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Weird issue with TH30 volume

Post by Social Fuzz » Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:12 am

Hey, guys. A few days ago I picked up a used TH30 but there seems to be an issue with it. When I'm using the effects loop the amp sounds as it normally should (a little noisy, maybe, but that's apparently a common enough issue) but when I have nothing plugged into the loop at all, the amp seems to be missing a lot of volume and sounds thinner.

I'm using the same pedals and cables as I've used with dozens of other amps before with no issues. I double-checked by plugging my board into another amp and it was fine. I triple-checked by plugging a single patch lead into the TH30s loop and the volume suddenly tripled. Pulled the patch lead out and boom, sound practically disappears.

I've had amps lose volume due to loop issues before, but I've never seen one lose volume because I'm not using the loop.

Have any of you guys experienced this before, or does anyone have any clue what the problem might be?

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Re: Weird issue with TH30 volume

Post by Sootio » Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:13 am

I would try replacing the 12at7 tube that powers the loop.

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