Dual Terror, reducing feedback at high gain?

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Dual Terror, reducing feedback at high gain?

Post by ANTWHI2015 » Tue Jul 24, 2018 9:39 am

Been using it for gigs for a while, typically with gain set around 7/10 and volume similar level for dirty chord work. (I use the other channel for a much cleaner sound for chord work on other songs). We play high energy old school punk so most of the time I'm on the dirty chord channel. I connect to a couple of Celestion greenback 25w speakers using speaker-grade short cables.
When soloing I kick in a clean linear boost to lift the volume. Depending on the amp volume I'm set at, this sometimes causes nasty feedback, I then have to dial the gain back and it compromises the tone I get. I need to fix this. The guitars I use both have wax potted Gibson 498Ts so it's not the usual microphonic feedback you get with some guitars. Standing further away is not an option, in most of the venues we play I am always within a few yards of the amp. I have tried positioning the boost at different points in the chain too.

Is it simply that I need more headroom on the amp, and 30w is just not enough for what I'm trying to do? Opinions gratefully received...

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Re: Dual Terror, reducing feedback at high gain?

Post by fiveightandten » Tue Jul 24, 2018 6:00 pm

That's a pretty high level of gain. If you're running the amp with the Gain knob and Master volume knob on 7, you're getting a lot of gain out of the amp, the speakers are breaking up, and you're ramming the amp with a booster as well (even more gain).

You can only go so far before you have feedback. Without being there, I'd say you have a few choices:
-Lower the gain
-Get a noise gate (this will only help if the feedback happens when you're NOT playing. Ie. when muting notes).
-Check your pre-amp tubes to make sure they're as quiet as you can reasonably expect them to be. Google or youtube "tube tap test". If you have a noisy one, replace it or move it to a position later in the preamp.
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Re: Dual Terror, reducing feedback at high gain?

Post by robbvant » Thu Sep 06, 2018 4:03 am

Id try a tungsol in your v1, on the clean channel. They are lower noise and and a clearer and crisper sound. if that dont help id replace the power tubes. Tubes that are starting to go with make unwanted noise at higher volumes.

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