Or15 noisy gain pot

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Re: Or15 noisy gain pot

Post by Les Paul Lover » Mon Jul 29, 2019 8:27 pm

Wylde Horses wrote:
Mon Jul 29, 2019 2:47 am
A quick update: replaced V1 with a spare JJ 12ax7 and the gain pot crackling is gone.

That said, I’m fairly new to Orange amps, having just bought a Rocker 15 combo last December, and now a Jim Root Terror, so I’m wondering are valve issues common with Orange? Within a few hours of playing on the Rocker 15, the 12at7 in the effect loop filter became microphonic and had to be replaced. Did I just get lucky with a couple rare examples?

Really glad you got that sorted.😎

As for valves, there are only 3 main factories left, and the overall quality of valves produced these days aren't as great as they used to be pre 1980s.

These 3 factories produce the same average valves for all amp manufacturers, not only Orange, and all have the same problems.

That's why Orange stopped relabelling valves for their own amps. They didn't want to have their name associated with the component that will/should fail eventually.

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Re: Or15 noisy gain pot

Post by adkguy07 » Wed Jul 31, 2019 10:43 pm

I'm wondering if the OP's gain knob issue is not tube related, but a faulty gain pot. I bought a new Dark Terror over 2 yers ago and the gain knob still has a scratchy, static type of noise. I have retubed the amp with some quality tubes and the noise is still there.

Shortly after purchasing the Dark Terror, I notified the vendor and they were puzzled over the issue, but they told me that they tested several Orange Dark Terrors and those tested did produce the same gain knob noise. They speculated that it may have been down to a batch of faulty potentiometers in those (and my) amps.

My amp still is making the noise and I can say that after the amp completely warms up, the noise is reduced a small amount. I tend to leave my gain knob in one area of the wiper's rotation, so it really is a minor issue for me. The amp in all other aspects performs as it should and sounds fine otherwise.


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