High pitched noise from Micro Terror

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High pitched noise from Micro Terror

Post by bored1 » Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:12 pm

Hello! Very satisfied with my little lunchbox amp. Until: I have recently experienced a high pitched variable noise from it. It's not hiss, it's more like static of an old radio signal. It's so loud I can't use the amp.
First thought: the tube has become microphonic. So I replaced with a new one, but the noise persists.
Second thought: electrical noise. So I moved the amp to several places in the house, not running on the same fuse/circuit, but it sounds the same.
I even tried buying a power conditioner, which is said to "remove network signals and other noise" from the electrical current. It didn't help either.
I admit: my amp fell down on the floor from it's Orange 8" speaker cabinet, but that's not far and I thought it was pretty sturdy?
I bought my amp from a small shop which is going out of business, so they will not guide me/take it in for repair. I guess I can find an independent repair-shop somewhere, but: I also have a relative who is qualified to open domestic and office electronics. He mostly services PC's and stuff however, not amps. So:
Any tips to what he should look for? Is there a specific component which might be faulty and making this noise, which could be replaced?
It's not a very expensive amp, this ;) . But I really like it, and I certainly do not like to consider throwing it in the bin for this.

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Re: High pitched noise from Micro Terror

Post by megalithic » Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:33 pm

I was getting a similar noise, but only in certain circumstances.

Only if I plug in or unplug a cable from the input while the amp is on and the volume is not on zero. Goes away if I turn the amp off, then back on.

I think it also happened if I messed with the effects (unplugged and plugged different pedals in).

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