Dark Terror - Re-Tube, preferences?

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Dark Terror - Re-Tube, preferences?

Post by robbvant » Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:27 pm

So I re-tubed with sovtek el84s. And I bought 3 Tung-sols. 3 Tung-sols did not sound that good together, it was an ultra darker and doomy terror.I also had 2 new JJecc83-S collecting dust. Swapped it out in v1, didn’t like it, however I put it in v2 and it was a tonal improvement. I then tried a JJ in the phase inverter, and liked that better than the Tung-sol.
So v1 tungsol, v2 JJ, pi JJ.

I’m unsure about is the Phase inverter, don’t really know what’s best for that position.
There was a small volume drop from the tungsol to the jj in the phase inverter.

Any thoughts, suggestions, experiences l, would be greatly appreciated.

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