Rockerverb 50 MkI coupling caps more low end

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Rockerverb 50 MkI coupling caps more low end

Post by er0x0r » Thu Mar 03, 2016 8:00 pm

Hey Everyone,

Looking for some insight into the circuit on my Rockerverb 50 MkI and maybe help diagnosing whether I have a problem or not... When I record with my amp I notice that there seems to be a roll off on the lows that starts around 300 Hz or so. I usually have to crank a 150Hz shelf to get the recordings to sound correct and get a flat response down to 100Hz. I thought it was the 57 I was using until I A/B'd the orange to my fender. Huge difference in low end! I have the same V30s in my fender so it is not a speaker difference. I have also played the fender through the orange cabinet with way more bass!

Obviously the tone stacks are different but the one thing that stands out to me the most is the 1nF coupling cap that is high-passing the amp at like 300Hz. The Fender is 22nF. Same for a JCM800. Normal Channel on a AC30 is 47nF! The Top Boost channel is very tiny at 470pF which puts it around 600Hz! I digress....

I was wondering if anyone has changed out the 1nF coupling caps to get more low end out of this amp? Like maybe to 2.2nF or 4.7nF. I realize cutting the lows out plays a major roll in the distortion characteristics but the clean channel just seems really lacking. The bypass caps on the AD30 are 4.7nF and 2.2nF for channel 1 and 2 respectively.

Maybe Ade would be willing to shed some light on his design decisions or tell me why it would be a terrible idea to change the caps. PLEASE!

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