Adding reverb to Tiny Terror?

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Re: Adding reverb to Tiny Terror?

Post by willis » Wed Aug 21, 2013 3:15 pm

Hey Bro, I can send you a schematic of the original Orange reverb unit, if you want it. Am in the process of upping my 70's OR80 to an OR120. Since I have both models, from new, it should have been easy, but, the couple of years diff means, different circuit boards and there is nothing available for the OR80. The reverb unit I'm talking about was the original Orange "stand alone" unit, it would do your job, if it's the old sound you're after I'm seriously thinking about building one for myself as I think the old gear, which I have, is still the best. If you decide to take this project on, be aware to source only quality components and try to wire "old style". Come back if you're interested, I'll "E" the schematics to you, no problemo. Good luck

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