no sound. help please

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no sound. help please

Post by Superfuzz » Tue Mar 02, 2010 10:36 pm


So I picked up a rockerverb 100 about 6 weeks ago, not been pushing it too hard, anyway I was playing before and it just switched off. Light went out and there's no sound coming through, checked the back and neither of the tube LEDS are lit.

My first reaction was that the fuse has gone, however when I turned it on just to make sure, it was still making the usual humming sound as if there was still power running through it.

Is this normal in the case of fuses? I'm a completey new to tube amps and i'm still working my way round all the terminology, also i'm not great with electronics in general, I can just about replace a lightbulb, so if you could dumb it down a little that would be great


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