OR120 - resistor and bias questions

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Re: OR120 - resistor and bias questions

Post by Rix » Sun Oct 25, 2009 9:50 am

fiveightandten wrote:
Rix wrote:Once I heard of a term called off-topic; never got it explained though! ;)
Quiet down you...your question got answered. Let some old friends catch up with useless banter. :mrgreen:

8) Heh.. And I am very grateful for your comments.

Carry on with the banter.
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Re: OR120 - resistor and bias questions

Post by a.hun » Sun Oct 25, 2009 10:41 am

Rix wrote:Carry on with the banter.
Nope, done now!

Or not... :P
fiveightandten wrote:If your Dad drives an E36 M3, tell him he's got great taste in cars!

Nice job on the DR103! That must be exciting. Those are hard to come by these days. Had I known, I would've been buying them up when everyone was swooning over old Marshalls and couldn't care less about Hiwatts because they were "too clean" :lol:. '74 is a good year. it's very close to the circuit I based my clone off of. I can tell you though, even the 504s are clean enough to play bass through for a lot of things. They're a little stingy in the low end compared to the Oranges (or a purpose-built bass amp), but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised if you haven't had a chance to crank one up through a bass cab.

Keep us updated on it!

No, my Dad pootles around in a humble 320i. Not quite as adrenaline inducing.
Same colour though! :wink:

Back on Hiwatts, unfortunately for me there was someone in my neck of the woods who did snap up all the Hiwatts that came up for sale. (Lock up stuffed full of 40+ last I heard - most annoying!) Very pleased to have found a nice clean and very original one. Yes I have tried them for bass before. Enjoyed it so much that I've been after one ever since. Had basically given up on that happening some years back though, so yes I'm pretty excited.

Surprising thing to me is that when they do come up the vintage ones are still cheaper than buying the new UK imitations, and much cheaper than the US made Reeves amps. With the current Euro / Pound exchange rate I'm getting mine for not that much more than I paid for my Rocker 30 combo - not at all bad for such a high quality classic amp in virtually original condition...

Will no doubt rave further when my wait is over. Be a while yet though - going to have to pick it up myself sometime in the spring. NO WAY am I trusting this baby to any 'professional' couriers!

aNDyH. :wink:

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