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AD30HTC blowing main fuse

Posted: Wed Aug 26, 2009 12:53 am
by mosstroopers
I'm completely new to tube amp stuff sorry for the dumb questions.

So i had some problems with my ad30 htc though lightly used. I had it fixed i thought, resistor something or other cracked, and several things and had new tubes put in. It worked for a couple days then started blowing the main fuse.

Had the tubes tested, one was bad supposedly so i got a new set, threw them in and blew the fuse again immediately, no power light, nothing. I put in a new fuse and took the tubes out and turned it on, and the power light came on and the fuse didn't blow.

What's the next step? Did i just get unlucky enough to get two bad sets of new tubes in a row? Someone told me to check the screen resistors? I have no idea how but i have voltmeter if someone could explain how to check.

Thanks for any help