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Micing Orange Crush

Post by UnionOfV » Fri Jun 26, 2009 3:14 pm

Hello all, I'm a keyboard player who's thinking of buying an Orange Crush 15 to add some distortion to my leads (for recording, hence the low power) and I'm looking for a cheap mic to record it. I have a PG58, but it's a bit bassy and murky so I'm looking for something better. I buy from Thomann (the only local music store only stocks guitars and Marshall amps...) so here are some that look interesting:

T.Bone MB78 Beta
Audio Technica Pro 61/31
T.Bone SC150
T.Bone SC600
T.Bone EM800
T.Bone SC140

You're going to choke when you see the T.Bone mics' prices, but I haven't seen one bad review - they seem to be copying other manufacturers for about half the price...

Yes they are a fairly random suggestin :P but I'm open to anything.


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