Orange AD30HTC Loss of Volume... max gain/volume.. HELP

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Orange AD30HTC Loss of Volume... max gain/volume.. HELP

Post by Adamas2610 » Wed May 27, 2009 6:46 am

I have an Orange AD30HTC with an Avatar 2x12 (x2 alnico Golds 50watt speakers)... it sounds amazing.... i love my tone...

But recently during a practice session, I seemed to have lost a lot of my volume/power.....

I play with a full band... the lead guitar plays a fender blues deluxe 1x12 and i can't even hear my self playing with the full band anymore...

I used to be the one that was asked to turn down...

I have to have my volume at MAX 10-11 and gain at 10-11 just to compete now...
Before i would sit nicely at 8 on volume and gain. maybe even 9. and i could easily have a enough volume to be rhythm...
Now i can harldy if at all hear myself... my guitar still sounds great tone wise i just dont have the power i once had.

is it possibly my Tubes going bad... any suggestions... should i take it to a local amp tech.

Andy H.
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Post by Andy H. » Wed May 27, 2009 10:55 am

Hi Adamas2610.

It is very likely a valve problem. Not guaranteed, but most such problems are valve related.

Firstly, are both channels affected. If it was only one then that could indicate a problem with a preamp valve in that channel.

If both channels are affected it is more likely to be a power valve problem and a new set of decent EL84s should sort you. That is actually the most likely scenario. Though valves can fail at any time the average life of your power valves is much shorter than that of preamp valves.

Personally I'd just order a new full set of decent EL84s from a decent supplier with a decent returns policy specifying which amp you want them for. Then you should be able to just slot them in yourself without any worries and see if that does the trick. Grab a couple of decent preamp valves at the same time though. Always handy to have as you never know when one might fail or go noisy.

Amps like the AD30 do run their power valves pretty hot and hard so getting just a few hundred hours use is normal enough.

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Orange AD30 Not Loud enough

Post by Adamas2610 » Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:23 pm

i put some knew EURO Tubes JJ Electronic tubes in... a full set... everything.

It sounds better but my volume is still being beat out by a fender deluxe blues 30watt 1x12 amp.... and im maxed to (10 or 11) on the master. and usually 8-9. with a full band i barely stand out and im maxed i dont even have anymore room to go.

I took my Amp to a local tech... he's i geuss the best in town... i was referred to him by three different shops.

He thought something weird was going on at first.... when master is maxed and volume is max... my amp wattage goes down to 7 out of 30....

when my master is maxed and my gained is pulled back my amp wattage is back up to 30....

but my volume seems to be the same either way....

i dont understand whats going on... but he said my amp was in perfect working order.... i have two brand new alnico GOLD's they sound great... but i lack the DB(VOLUME) i want.


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Post by BrianPhase90 » Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:24 am

Check for loose transformer tap connections...

My single channel AD30 had the same issue...

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