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Post by bythepowerofgrayskull » Sun Apr 06, 2008 2:26 am

So only a ferw short weeks after purchasing what has become my beloved ad15, it no longer works. It simply won't turn on. No "circumstances" or anything, it just wont turn on. There is a slight hum and the GZ34 glows faintly, but the power light won't come on and the guitar dosn't sound through it.
I bought it used from another guy on the forum here, so there's no possibility of returning it.
Worried that i might have just sunk 800 bucks...
Havn't gigged with it yet, and i tried swapping out the whole set of tubes to no avail.


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Post by Andy H. » Sun Apr 13, 2008 9:26 pm

Sorry you have had no replies. Been a bit AWOL myself lately, but it is pretty rare for nobody else to answer here. Anyway...

Ermmm, well for starters it worked fine on arrival so I don't think anyone here was deliberately selling a dud. (Don't think you were really suggesting that anyway.)

Something has clearly failed - that unfortunately can occasionally happen. If the hum is coming through the speakers (rather than just from inside the amp itself) it is very likely a problem on this list:
Frankly nothing there should be too hard or expensive for a good tech to track down and sort.

If there is nothing through the speakers though than you are probably hearing a bit of hum from the transformers. That needn't be any problem in itself - many transformers <i>do</i> hum gently while working fine for many many years. But the total lack of signal <i>could possibly</i> mean a more expensive repair as it would be more likely to be something in the high voltage circuitry.

Either way the only person who can really track it down is a tech with the amp sat in front of him. Sorry I know that isn't much help but it is so. On the plus side there is nothing in valve amps which can't be sorted once someone has actually sussed the problem. So don't go writing the amp off - it will be fixable.

Good luck with it!

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