AD30HTC or Thunderverb 50 for new amp? HELP!

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Post by ccl117 » Fri Mar 28, 2008 6:25 pm

Hi guys, this is my first time posting here and was hoping to benefit from the groups' expertise. I posted this thread in the general discussion thread as well, I wasn't sure the proper place for it. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance and the situation is listed below:

I recently (last week) purchased a new Orange AD30HTC and have been running it through a PPC112. Tone is absolutely amazing; everything I could want for the type of music I play and then some. Only down side I've had with it is that my Delay (Mad Professor Deep Blue) sounds crappy when I'm running the amp dirty.

For how good the tone sounds I'd be willing to live without the delay, but I have the option of exchanging it (plus the diff in price) for a new Thunderverb 50 with the effects loop which should correct the delay issue. I really don't want to lose the classic tone of the AD30 though (I play a bunch of Zep, Sabbath, Doobies, etc. type music). There are no Orange dealers around where I live, so unfortunately I am unable to play the Thunderverb 50 myself to compare ;-(

Would the Thuderverb 50 still allow me to get those incredible vintage AD30 style tones if I made the exchange? If not, how would people who have played both describe the differences in their tones?

Tone is more importnat to me than delay, but I guess the question I'm asking is would I be able to get both with the TV50, or should I stick with the AD30HTC (I can't buy both). If the AD30HTC is the way to go, anyone have any recommendations for a vintage echo/tape delay unit that would sound good hitting the preamp front end of an overdriven amp?

Thanks again everyone, cheers.
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