still having problems with rockerverb 100

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Post by biffda » Tue Feb 19, 2008 6:36 pm

hi there i recently posted a topic about the problems i was having with my rockerverb head being the one below:

(I bought a rockeverb 100 head about 4-5 months ago second hand from ebay and really digged it , i found it to have a very great,thick,warm gainy sound from the dirty channel but recently i have found the dirty channel to start sounding weak. i dont know if its just me but the gain seems to sound a bit weak recently , usually i have the gain dial at about 2 o'clock and its fine but for some reason it just doesnt sound right , it sounds know where near as distorted or as full as it was plus it feels like i have to crank the volume much higher than i used to get the volume i want. It doesnt seem to sound nowhere near as loud as i remember it to. the clean channel sound's fine and ive tried a load of diffrent guitars , cabs , leads etc through it to see if it was a problem other than the amp but the dirty channel still sounds tame. could someone please help i have no experience with valve amps , tubes , bias etc this valve amp being my first ).

i was given some advice by a helpful forum member (andy.h) that it could be my pre amp valves so i purchased some new pre-amp valves and fitted them in. i thought my amp sounded better again but when i got it to practice it sounded weak again like it was , it had a very weak and not very defined sound on the gain channel . it seems that the clean channel isnt the same as well. i didnt notice at first but isnt as loud , sounds very bassy and doesnt cut through as much it should do also it seems to start breaking up very early on (about halfway on the volume dial) and when really cranked it sounds like a distortion.

all the pre amp valves and power tubes seem to be lighting up when ive been running my amp so i dont know if its a valve problem, its like the amp only has only half of its power?

could someone please help me out i need to get my amp fixed as soon as possible i have to record with this amp in two weeks and it sounds terrible argghhh

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