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Post by speedking » Mon Jun 17, 2002 5:49 pm


here I am!!! here's what I've seen...

'72 pix only GRO 100(that's what is written on the back-pannel) - OA100C(what's writthen on the front(metal) pannel and head-cabinet)...

the serial of the inside is 690 or 680(I don't remember) and of the cabinet is OA-and something...

what I've seen stranege it was that on the front pannel there were numbers from 1 to 3, the first(1) before the "FAC" pic, the second(2) before the "Presence" pic an the third(3) before the "volume" pic...

I took my LPC whit me and the sonund has a little gain if in the "lo input" and and more gain if in the "hi input"...then I tried ou with a Strat and there was the best clean I've ever heard...there's a big difference betwen the guitars...what I've found out is that you can't run a LPC with the Orange through the 4x12"/Greenbacks...too muddy...

but anyway...I LOVE IT...IT'S THE BEST AMP I'VE EVER's not to loud...all original except new JJ EL34 tubes and that blue things :) the condition is 9.5/10

so...There's an all original PINSTRIPE 1970 if you want for $600 + shipping...

if anyone is interested, please e-mail can really help me to afford that head...

I'll get an Orange 70's cab w/ Rola-Celestion will be good for my setup :)))

geert, I hope I'll be able to buy it, you can help me with the purchase of the PINSTRIPE...then I'll post you pics :)

thanx to everyone...


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Post by theschickster » Mon Jun 17, 2002 11:04 pm

I wish you the best of luck! It's tough wanting a rig you cant afford without selling some stuff first. I hope it works out for you. Maybe you can put the Orange on hold or something till you sell your gear.

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Post by speedking » Tue Jun 18, 2002 5:24 pm

yes...I wish too....

the guy told me, that there are many interesents...I hope not :))) I have $$$ with me, but not enaugh...I tought I can give him in advance that cash, but he didn't want...

I have an Engl head to sell(all tube, 50w), but thare are no interesents...for the cab will be much more easy...I hope...

but this Engl is so sweeeeeet...a powerful, rich, deep, fat, big,...tone...and it's very rare I think... :)))

well..I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope,...

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