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Rockerverb 100 with PPC112?

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 7:10 pm
by leeowensoas1
Hey so what is the minimum cab wattage needed on the rockerverb 100 mkiii? I know the rule of thumb is the cab should have about twice the wattage of the amp. Does that mean if I only run the amp in 30W mode I could hook it up to a single PPC112 (60W)? Just bought the head and it's the only cab I have at the moment. Do I need to buy a bigger cab first, or can I at least start playing the amp while I save up for one?

Also, long run should I be planning on getting a 412 for it? Or will a 212(OB) be enough to get the most out of it? At 100 watts won't it be too powerful for the 120W 212? Do I just need to always keep it in 50W mode if I use a 212? The amp will predominantly be used in a room abt 1500 cubic ft? Will a 412 just be total overkill?

Re: Rockerverb 100 with PPC112?

Posted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 7:35 pm
by Les Paul Lover
The Celestion V30, even if rated at 60w, can actually take a little more than that dirty.

The OBC212 or PPC212 at 120w would be fine for your RV100.

If you can play your RV100 at 50w or 30w, you should be fine with your PPC112.

You could even play it in 100w mode, but never fully cranked. Use your ears. If you bring the volume up progressively, you should notice when it becomes too much for the speaker before it damages the speaker - when the speaker will start to distort. You will hear that. As soon as there's a hint of speaker distortion roll back the volume until that disappears and you should be safe.

Where it can get tricky though, is if you use boosy/od/distortion/fuzz pedals. If one of them absolutely slams the preamp with plenty is spare headroom when you activate it, you could get a massive volume surge that could well kill your speaker instantly if you're in 100w mode. Again, as long as you adjust progressively there too, you should be fine.

As for OBC212 or PPC412, those are 2 different beasts. The OBC212 had an open back and fill small and medium rooms/venues more evenly. It will have less low end, and less punch. The PPC212 and PPC412 have more low end, more punch, but have a tendency to project their sound mainly straight ahead.

Re: Rockerverb 100 with PPC112?

Posted: Fri Sep 27, 2019 4:38 am
by Ronnie Robinson
Go for an orange 2x12 open back... superb cab that sounds great and will last forever.