OT: Single from our upcoming album featuring the R30C :D

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OT: Single from our upcoming album featuring the R30C :D

Post by Boy_Narf » Wed Aug 21, 2019 7:12 pm

Hello Everyone,

Bit of shameless promotion here :)

This is the first single off our upcoming record. Would be awesome if you guys could give it a listen, and possibly subscribe to our Spotify or YT Channel.


(I'm on drums) WOOPS!

Guitar is an American Tele with Texas specials running into two amps. First is Blues Jr with a Fulltone OCD, and the second is straight into my lovely R30C. The Fender + OCD do the top end and high mid punky thing, and the Orange brings the low mid fizz and thickens things up.

Record will be out in a few months (Digital, Cassette, and 7").

Thanks, and please enjoy!

Oh and don't forget to drink strawberry soda :)

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