OR50 or Rockerverb 50 MK 1 or 2?

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Hakeem the Dream
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OR50 or Rockerverb 50 MK 1 or 2?

Post by Hakeem the Dream » Sat Aug 17, 2019 1:03 am

New to Orange amps, bought an AD30 head last year. Really dig it, but want a little more headroom. So I'm selling it and have my eye on a couple head on Reverb. An OR50 and a Rockerverb MKI (there's also a MKII in the running). Would really appreciate some opinions on which way to go.

I don't really need the gain channel on the RV. I love my drive and fuzz pedals, really just need great clean. Which makes me lean toward the simpler OR50. BUT I've also read a lot about the clean on the RV50 being really something special. So there's that even though I don't need all the extra features of the RV (I also plenty of reverb pedals too.)

All 3 heads I'm looking at are roughly the same price, give or take $50 - $100. Running into a 2x12 w/ eminence legends.


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Re: OR50 or Rockerverb 50 MK 1 or 2?

Post by bclaire » Sat Aug 17, 2019 3:31 pm

Really, you have to hear them to decide. There might come a time where you want a heavier solo sound and the Rockerverb is going to give that to you while you'd be stuck with one channel on the OR50.

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Re: OR50 or Rockerverb 50 MK 1 or 2?

Post by Jondog » Sat Aug 17, 2019 6:11 pm

OR50 is an awesome amp, but I think it’s the gain sounds that makes it special. The RV clean is really good and if your mainly using pedals for gain I’d lean towards it over the OR50, plus with what Billy already mentioned. If you just want a straight up rock amp using pedals just to boost what is already there, OR50 would be my pick.

Eddie Famine
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Re: OR50 or Rockerverb 50 MK 1 or 2?

Post by Eddie Famine » Sat Aug 17, 2019 9:51 pm

+1 for what Jondog said.
I’ve had the OR50 for probably 9 years.
Set it for a great rhythm/ crunch tone, use a couple pedals to boost for solos. I have used it with no pedals, adjusting with the guitar volume, but enjoy a little variety that the pedals can give.

Ronnie Robinson
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Re: OR50 or Rockerverb 50 MK 1 or 2?

Post by Ronnie Robinson » Sun Aug 18, 2019 5:27 am

Is it the ad30 twin channel you have ?

I am surprised you say it's lacking in clean headroom ....unless you play extremely loud.

Try using the gain as the volume control ..ie turn gain to nil, max volume then dial in the gain to the desired volume.

I use mine all the time like this on channel one and sounds great and super with pedals.

I owned the Rv50 mk ii for a while. My view is that the cleans on the ad30 TC were much nicer and the Rv50 hated overdrive pedals on the clean channel which was a deal breaker for me.The character of the gain channel is also more modern and may or may not what your after.

As for the Or50 ...I've wanted one for years ...but you have to find one first!
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