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Re: Dark Terror tone vs RV MkIII 100

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 11:09 am
by stargazer747
With my Dark Terror I dial the shape knob in just as you do between noon & 1o'clock my gain is set at noon never higher as I use overdrives or boost pedals to get just the right amount of high gain for my influences of 70s & 80s Classic & Hard Rock. To get clean on this amp as well as my Jim Root Terror I use the compressor (essentially always on), dialed in modestly with no added gain and while rolling back the guitar's volume to around 4 (from 0 to 10) I step on my EQ pedal which is dialed in the "V" shape pulling some of the mids out and give my clean tone as if its like an acoustic/electric guitar its plugged into a very clean amp.

Depending on what type of pickups you use (I just have the stock ones that came with all my guitars) you can pull this off fairly well, a bit of tap dancing and hand/foot coordination involved but you get used to it quickly the more you do it. Its probably harder to pull off if the pickups are distortion types or active with battery preamp or very high output (may have to lower volume even more for these).