Some Rocker 15 Pictures...

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Some Rocker 15 Pictures...

Post by beninma » Fri Mar 22, 2019 8:35 pm

I haven't seen these anywhere on the web yet so I took some. The Rocker 32 pictures seem to be much easier to find and someone has already done the work to document which tubes are where.

I changed my V1 tube this week after talking to Darron at Orange, he told me which one it was so I didn't have to waste time figuring it out.

It's actually super easy to take the amp apart to access the tubes. I know some people seem bothered by the screws & guards but it's pretty darn quick.

1) Lay the amp front side down and unplug the speaker. (Obviously you better have unplugged the power)
2) If you look at the top of the back where the chassis goes into the Cab there are 4 screws. You take out the outer 2 on each side. The inner 2 appear to hold the tolexed back of the chassis on.
3) The chassis will lift right out.

If you look at my first picture, this is the way I thought to Orient the chassis on the table... you can see the guide to which tubes are in each row. The catch here is if you orient it this way the order is reversed. The sticker is totally clear it is intended to guide you when the Amp is oriented with the controls facing you, but you can't actually read the guide sticker on the back if it's oriented that way.

In any case with this orientation in these pictures V1 is on the left top closest to input jack. The middle tube in the row of 3 is also a 12xa7, and the last tube is the 12at7 for the FX loop. In my amp the 12ax7s are JJ ECC83S and the 12at7 is a Ruby. I did not write down exactly which model the Ruby is.

I didn't take off the big cage where the other tubes are. If swap any of the other tubes I will have to do so.



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Re: Some Rocker 15 Pictures...

Post by Jondog » Fri Mar 22, 2019 11:34 pm

Cool, thanks

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