New cab added to the rig!

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New cab added to the rig!

Post by stargazer747 » Fri Feb 22, 2019 2:19 am

I decided to let go of two of the three 112 cabs I had in favor of an one EVH 5150III 212 Ivory. I had two of their 112s, I'm keeping one and also removing the Blackstar HT112 (which was modified, swapped the 50W Blackbird it came with for a Celestion Vintage 30). This 212 is as thunderous as my 412, the tone is focused and tight. They knew what they were doing designing these cabs with Eddie. Here is a current snapshot of my rig.

Those of you that have this 212 cab, what do you think about it? What amp do you use with it?
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