New Cab for new Dark Terror

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New Cab for new Dark Terror

Post by b80 » Thu Jan 17, 2019 6:49 pm


I'm about to take delivery of an Orange Dark Terror. I've been looking for a lower wattage high gain head to jam all my 90's punk rock songs. Tried a bunch and the Dark Terror seemed to fit with me the best.

Now I require a cabinet! I will be taking all my gear to gigs and rehearsals. So no 4x12's. Looking for an evenly eq'd sound that won't give me too much bass or too much high end (I understand V30's need to break in).

Been looking at a ton of options. It's narrowed down to the following:

Orange PPC212OB
Orange PPC212CB
Mojotone British Style 2x12 Straight
Marshall 2061cx

Anyone have any experience? Whatcha got?
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Re: New Cab for new Dark Terror

Post by stargazer747 » Fri Jan 18, 2019 2:53 am

Congratulations on your new Orange, welcome...

I have the Dark Terror and 4 other Orange Terrors; the Jim Root, Rocker 15, Brent Hinds, and Micro Dark. While I don't have any of the cabs you listed, I mix and match any of the my Terrors with cabs I do have; a Marshall 412 with Celestion Vintage 30s, a Blackstar 112 also with a V30, and two EVH 5150 III (16 Ohms) with their Celestion 70th Anniversary speakers. In my opinion, I find these two speaker models to be perfect for these Terror Series amps, just the right amount of bass, treble, mids and a nice balance of punchy and grit, plus some cleans too even though these amps are not known for their clean tone. I too don't use the 412 on a regular basis, to rehearsals I bring just the Blackstar 112 or both EVH 112s and use them together with the 8 Ohms outputs sort of as a 212. Believe me, you can practice at home, rehearse in a full band, and even gig with these amps just with a 112 or a 212 or two 112s. True that a 412 will give these Orange Terrors a louder presence but there's no doubt they rock with smaller cabs too.

The Celestion Vintage 30s and the 70th Anniversary speakers will perform regardless what cab brand you choose to get them in. The only features to look towards with the many brands out there are; the cab's wood type, smaller dimensions or oversized, its weight, color choices (tolex and/or grill), open back or closed back (this will alter the tone a bit which one you choose), and price of course. I installed caster wheels on all my cabs (no need to throw out my back now).

I have also read on TGP forum other players saying they like Greenbacks and Creambacks with these Terrors. But I haven't heard these myself in person and you really cannot judge by youtube demos so I cannot say.

Let use know what you chose. Good Luck!
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Re: New Cab for new Dark Terror

Post by Jigsisme » Fri Jan 18, 2019 4:14 am

Congrats on the DT, great choice!
I concur with stargazer.
I run mine through evh cabs, both the 2x12 and 4x12. They are somewhat darker to me. I've also got a g-flex 2x12 and a geezer 2x12 (v30's). Running these 4 cabs with the DT is fun and can cover a lot of different ground however, I've always wanted an Orange cab so I'm on the hunt.
My rambling probably doesn't help but just throwing it out there, with my choices I still would opt for an Orange cab.

So, from your options, it's the Orange closed back for me.

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