NAD/Review: Brent Hinds Terror!

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NAD/Review: Brent Hinds Terror!

Post by Guitarjon » Thu Dec 06, 2018 12:18 pm

I got an Orange Brent Hinds Terror recently so here's the demo in 4 styles and review:

This amp sounds a little bit similar to my Rocker 15 Terror but it definitely has it's own thing going on.
The clean channel has a thick and warm sound with a lot of mids.
It does not have that bright 'fender' clarity but that could be changed with an eq pedal in front of the amp or in the loop.
Since it only has one knob (level) you can't really tweak it much.
I really enjoy the breakup of the clean channel though and it sounded great with the bridge pickup of my strat, not really ice-picky but more round and almost sounding like a humbucker.

This amp has very nice drive sounds on the dirty channel as you'd expect.
It has a nice and raw sound with roaring mids and raspy highs (in a good way).
The bottom end isn't huge sounding, so I'd say the low end is nice and tidey.
For this reason and the lack of gain it's not the best amp for metal but it can definitely work, especially if you pair it with a good cab.
With the gain set a little bit lower the upper mid frequencies come through better.
It can definitely sound plexi-ish with the gain at moderate levels.

Overall it's a very cool amp with great attenuation features for the bedroom guitarists out there!
If you're looking for a versatile Orange amp with it's own unique tonal characteristics, this could be the amp for you!
For really heavy death metal etc. I maybe wouldn't recommend this amp first although like I said, it can do those things, just not as well as some other amps.

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Re: NAD/Review: Brent Hinds Terror!

Post by satchmodog » Fri Dec 07, 2018 6:29 pm

I liked the Hinds quite a bit and I'll probably grab one eventually. The rocker 32 just made more sense to me at the time and has some awesome versatility, but the Hinds surely has more tonal variation. Neither is superior to the other, just different. I'm also looking at the rockerverb next as well after living with a dark terror for awhile. You cannot go wrong with an Orange, unless you're one of those freaks who chases ice pick in the ear, God awful fender tones with no mids and a flat assed bottom end.

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Re: NAD/Review: Brent Hinds Terror!

Post by stargazer747 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:08 pm

I have one too, bought it as soon as it was available right after they announced it at the NAMM in Feb this year, at first I was not completely sure about it and decided to exchange it only after 3 days for the Rocker 15. But then around early summer I found myself wanting it again, guess I was looking to complete my Orange Terror lineup; Jim Root, Dark Terror, Micro Dark Terror, Rocker 15 Terror, so I got the BH Terror back (only the ones with FX Loop as my pedalboards are split signal chains). And for some reason I now love it especially when I pair it with my two EVH 5150 III 112s, those Celestion Heritage speakers are so dynamic and work very well with Orange Terrors. I guess my initial feelings on it were based on these two new additions to the Orange Terrors not designed as "high gain" amps. But that really doesn't matter to me since I use overdrives and boost with all amps and I quickly got over it.

But all in all, its a Terror no doubt. Has the same qualities that make Orange Terror lunchbox amps so great. I agree, while the Rocker 15 & BH Terrors are sister amps, same design, and both introduced together, they each possess their own voice and ultimately have unique tonal characteristics. Having been used to single channel amps for so long, I almost forgot what my guitars would sound thru a crisp clean channel amp, these two amps having the "Natural" channel were exhilarating when I first heard it and downright welcomed. The right speaker cabs and pedals used (or not) with this amp will get you whatever genre of music you seek.
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