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Tone Talk

Post by Jondog » Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:10 am

Cool youtube series I’ve been watching lately. Features Dave Freidman of Freidman amps and the moderator via web cam speaking with special guests behind the gear scenes and the people responsible for all the awesome amps that came to be since the early 80’s like the 5150, SLO100 etc.. They’re long, but if your interested in that stuff it’s enjoyable to kill time. Really enjoyed the James Brown (5150), Mike Soldano SLO100, John Suhr/Pete Thorn episodes. Amazing how much these guys have had their hands in much of the rock landscape over the past few decades. Some neat discussions on new tubes now and how they are junk, fine when you put them in the amp, dead when the customer gets them after shipping.
Heres the latest episode I watched
featuring Tom Abraham who is a live sound engineer for big arena acts. Has some really cool knowledge on mixing live sound, quality of gear, advice for getting good monitor signal, how to capture a good bass guitar sound, getting solid guitar sound etc.. At 1:39:00 he starts talking about what he hears different between Axe FX vs a good old Marshall Plexi tube amp in a live mix. I’ve witnessed the same thing going from Vinyl records to MP3, so I thought that was neat. Also neat, is behind Dave is one of Slash’s touring rigs he’s putting together.
Maybe he should get Ade Emsley for a show! Anyways, thought I’d share, in case you haven’t listened already.

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Re: Tone Talk

Post by jax510 » Fri Oct 19, 2018 3:03 pm

Cool! I'll be checking it out

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