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Re: New Orange Getaway Driver Pedal

Post by NYDolls » Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:48 am

So I'm actually using this on a recording project for a band some of you may know (No, its not the Dolls - Ha!).

Here are my thoughts:

1. Its really a great drive pedal, on par with an OCD or any other top pedal and Ive played them all.
2. The controls make it really easy to get your sound.

I was running the volume, gain and bite at about 4 and had a small Supro-type amp on the verge of breakup. No one would ever know it wasn't some huge stack - It records super great and is VERY quiet as well.

The cab sim gives you what you're playing. Unfortunately, at everything set at 4, it doesn't have the right signal strength. While the amp sounds great, it doesn't play as a usable signal (the cab sim) while it was set to 4. I was going to tell the engineer to have the 2 mics on the amp and then use the cab sim as well.

What I can say is that if you use it ALONE and use the cab sim:

If everything's cranked, you're in business! This could be used as a stage feed direct if one had the balls to do it. Personally, I liked a cranked amp on stage for vibe and volume.

So there you have it - A record being made by a tiny amp and a Getaway Driver, which cost me only $150. Total deal - I'll annouce the record this Fall as it gets set for release. My parts are 75% done.

Rock n F%^&in' Roll

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