Compliment/contrast my AD15 (Fender, Vox, Supro?)

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Re: Compliment/contrast my AD15 (Fender, Vox, Supro?)

Post by Ade » Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:06 pm

gazman83 wrote:
Mon Jun 18, 2018 10:21 pm
Hi Ade,

I'm a long time owner of an AD15 and recently had it serviced and valves replaced, with my tech recomending a lower/mid gain JJ pre-amp tube in the 1st stage to get some more headroom and a little more definition.

Sounds great when you keep pre-amp gain low and crank master for 'cleans', then use pedals (Hotcake, Rat, MI Audio SBP/CB) for the main Distortion. You get that amazing 3D cleanish sound from the AD15 power amp section, it just sounds magic IMO.

It might be a cheaper way for you to try to get two sounds, rather than buying a second amp. Just a thought.
Hi Gazman,

Can I just say, wow! I tried your suggestion of maxing the MV and running the gain low (about 9 O’clock) and it sounds superb. 3D cleans is a good description. I’ve had such a habit of running it the opposite way with higher gain/lower MV that I’d forgotten what this amp can do. Even lowering the MV a little it still retains that character, and then by adding a SD-1w I can get some great throaty cranked Vox-like tones. I’m yet to experiment with a medium gain 12AX7 in V1 but have sourced both a JJ 12AX7 MG and a 5751 that I might try.

I’m now thinking I’ll quell the urge to splurge on a second combo, at least for time being. I’m actually now thinking, if I doing anything, replacing the V30 with a Celestion Blue (as per my other thread).

Thanks again!

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Re: Compliment/contrast my AD15 (Fender, Vox, Supro?)

Post by gazman83 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 10:47 pm

That's great news Ade, gald it's working for you!

The power section is where the magic is, I can't believe how amazing that tone is, you don't get quality like that much anymore (except for real top end boutique amps). It allows you to tweak and mould your preamp distortion with Boosts and Drive pedals to get the tone you're after.

The change of speaker is always a tricky one, especially when you're investing in a quality Alnico speaker like a Blue. You'll need to take some time to allow it to break-in. One thing to conisder is that people now pay as much for a "high-end" Drive pedal as you would for a speaker these days, so the investment is not as daunting as it may have been in the past. See if you can get a secondhand one (check out if you're not already on there, a great Aussie Guitar forum with great people, many famous Aussie guitarists and amp/pedal/guitar makers, etc, got many a great quality deals/trades through the site).

Good luck!

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Re: Compliment/contrast my AD15 (Fender, Vox, Supro?)

Post by Les Paul Lover » Tue Jul 10, 2018 3:01 pm

I run my AD15 somewhat similarly.

I set the gain around 10 to 11 o'clock and master volume to taste. I depend on OD and boost for lead and pure filth, but what I get from that is lovely cleans when playing softly, crunch if i dig in, and a hint of air in between.

Slam a boost/od/fuzz for more.

At those gain levels it takes reverb and delay pretty well too.

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