Question on lower gain preamp tubes and bass response

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Question on lower gain preamp tubes and bass response

Post by zedexseven » Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:58 pm

I find with Orange amps (and some other amps) when you turn up the preamp gain, the low end increases and the amp has a fatter sound. In some situations I would like to use a mild breakup tone and use an over drive pedal for my gain kind of like a 2 channel amp on one channel amps like the terror series. The issue with some of the lunchbox amps is they lack low end already, so this sound can be a bit thin vs using the amp distortion.

So my question is, if I swap the V1 tube to a lower gain tube like a 12AT7, can I crank the gain knob higher and able to maintain the fat tone at lower gain levels?

So example I am thinking of:
With 12AX7 in V1 I could run volume to taste and gain at noon.
With 12AT7 in V1 if I run the gain at 3 oclock it should give me the same gain as above, but would it be fatter?

I don't have any experience with lower gain pre amp tubes so I'm wondering if someone can answer this for me before I order one ?


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Re: Question on lower gain preamp tubes and bass response

Post by Les Paul Lover » Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:43 pm

What I would recommend is rather the opposite.

Don't fiddle with the valves- and set your amp at the max gain you want to use.

The use soemth8ng such as the mad professor underdrive to get a lower gain tone. That way, you get both the clean and dirty tone, and keep all the fatness and max low end from your amp being driven harder.

Disclaimer- I don't use it myself, but 2 o 3 forum members here use to for that purpose with great results.

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