Jam session with a tv200 and matamp gtl

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old man sanj
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Jam session with a tv200 and matamp gtl

Post by old man sanj » Tue Nov 28, 2017 11:18 pm


Here’s a jam session I had with my mate last Saturday. Please forgive the sloppy playing it’s been a while since we played.

The gear used was my tv200 with a 4x12 with hot 100’s into a mad professor deep blue delay, mxr evh phase 90 into a tc mimiq. The second amp in stereo is a matamp gtl into a sunn 4x12 with k100’s into the tc Mimiq. The guitar used was my 79 les Paul custom with a bare knuckle holy diver in the bridge tuned to drop A.

The mic we use is the apogee 96k in the middle of room going into an iPad.
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Re: Jam session with a tv200 and matamp gtl

Post by scottlynn73 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 4:25 pm

Sounds beefy man! My rig is similar to the Orange side of yours, TV200 into a 70s Simms Watts bass 412 i reconed with Hot 100s and Swamp Thangs. When the bass player is busy I send a Hog signal to a OB1 500 bass rig, plenty of beef.

You into Old Man Gloom btw? Ape of God was immense!
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