500 Bass Terror Issue

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500 Bass Terror Issue

Post by engelheimer » Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:51 pm

Had one of these come in blowing the mains fuse. Found shorted Mosfets, Rectifiers. Mosfet was discontinued but found some close from Mouser. One of the TO247 rectifiers (common anode) were backordered. Found some on Ebay from China. The 6v regulator was also gone, replaced. Went ahead and replaced the main diode bridge, also were misc diodes shorts and replaced the 8pin IR2153. Found when I powered up, a new fan was needed. Assume fan failure was the culprit. All voltages and the +/- 53v supply were good to go.
Was getting the green led's on each channel, then would go to red when signal was applied.

Noted on the schematic were 2 PWM PREQ ADJ.

Anybody have any info on these?

Thanks in advance!

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