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Teckpick, my new favorite pick

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:45 pm
by Jondog
Just happened to pick this pick up (no pun intended!) yesterday while trying out some guitars at the local Instrument shop. Was surprised at how good it felt and made the guitar sound. Ended up buying it to try at home. Think I'll be buying more. These are made from aluminum and are really light and grip well. I have really great control with it too, can play softly or really dig in just with finger pressure or holding depth.Great control of harmonics too.I've used metal picks before but never liked them. Found them to slippery after some use, thick and too hard against the strings.I usually use Tortex .73-.88 which is about as stiff as I normally like a pick, don't like really stiff platic picks, find I get caught with them and grip them too hard which is fatiguing, So I'm a bit surprised how much I like these.