Orange Matamp vintage 4x12 (price???)

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Re: Orange Matamp vintage 4x12 (price???)

Post by ironlung40 » Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:49 am

What are you using to remove the paint? How much scrubbing is it requiring?
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Re: Orange Matamp vintage 4x12 (price???)

Post by vitja » Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:46 pm

I will not remove the paint… it will take too long for now. Friend of mine gave me a mix of chemicals (he's working in some kind of restoration shop). The smell is the problem for this cold winter. I cannot do it inside.


I finally installed 78s Blackbachs G12H 75 with kurt miller cones and this think blows away anything!
I had this Blackbacks in Marshall JCM 800 Cab. It was best mach to date, but I had a good filling that if I put this Blacks inside Ormat, it will work much better. I'm surprised what a difference.
Ormat has much more focused low end, a little less middle (which was a problem with JCM) but much more stable, and little high end. But cab sounds much louder. It actually the best mach and probably the best guitar sound I ever played.
And for cheery on top, I just got Roger Meyer Axis Fuzz, WOW! Best fuzz to date in combination.

Also, Blackback are much bore open to different sound… especially for different fuzz sounds. Compared to V30 speakers, Blackbacks, thay have much more headroom for different frequencies.

This Blackbacks were not mine… So I made a deal with my friend to give me his Blackbacks and the JCM 800 Cab, and I give him Greenies. So all 8 speakers stay in family. If I would need a greenback sound for recording or something else… I just call him.

So for 700 euros (I manage to drop the price for 100) I got Ormat Cab, 4 Blackbacks in great shape and a spare JCM 800 cab! Ant the best sound I heard from my Or120. Not bad deal at all. What do you think? And If I need greenies for recording session, I just call him. :)
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