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Jim Root vs Dark Terror

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 5:03 pm
by sterrell
Hey guys,

First post on the forum. I'm currently using a Micro Dark through a PPC112 cab. I'm a big fan of it so far, but I feel like it leaves a little to be desired. Seems like its older brothers the Jim Root or Dark Terror would be up my alley. I find the micro dark to be a bit too bass heavy and you lose some clarity in that regard to palm mutes, etc. I love the sound of the Dark Terror, but I am wanting a 3 band eq. I know I could run an eq into the signal chain, but I tend to be a minimalist/purist.

With that said, I also really enjoy what I've heard out of the Jim Root Terror. What are your thoughts on each amp? I play a little bit of everything, but do play a good amount of metal. Seems like the Jim Root is a little bit more modern sounding, as it is based off of the Rockerverb.

Thanks guys!

Re: Jim Root vs Dark Terror

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 8:47 pm
by shupe13
Welcome to the forum!

The Micro Terror and Dark Terror amps are awesome for what they are but I don't think the intent was to be a work rig so they're very limited. You'd get more headroom and versatility from a CR 35-120 than you would through a micro. The Micro Terrors sound killer through large cabs like the PPC 212 and 412! But again are limited. Try a larger cab and some pedals first. If you don't like that, get the new head and you'll already have the cab and pedals!

Re: Jim Root vs Dark Terror

Posted: Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:12 pm
by Les Paul Lover
The dark terror has slightly more gain and 8s tighter than the #4 terror.

I'd recommend you to try the shape knob first. If you can get 9n with it, the dark terror is a great amp, though I think I'd prefer the #4 myself.

Also worth considering for similar money (2nd hand compared to new!!!) is the TH30. The dirty channel is the dark terror, but it offer a really great clean channel.

At 30w, it will have more low end too for your metal needs.(it does another more than just metak though !!!!)

Re: Jim Root vs Dark Terror

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2016 8:33 pm
by Michelle911
I love the #4 over the Dark Terror... that part was an easy choice for me. I have a th30 too and run them in stereo, but during the time I was building my new board I found myself constantly plugging into the #4. (insert massive amounts of silly fangirl bs here)

hmm, the EQ you already get that... I'm pretty happy with a shape knob or a 3-band since I run 10-band EQs too (yeah... not exactly a purist lol).

the only other thoughts I have is the looks. the #4 looks awesome! different logo and pics only... oh and the stone sour logo is off the new ones ;)