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Post by Boy_Narf » Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:06 am


And for the one millionth time my pedal board is completed! ... 7.jpg?dl=0" onclick=";return false;

The new pedal is in between the FlashBack Mini and the Midi Switcher. I had a Decibel 11 Split personality but the buffers messed with my tone too much. Chain goes as follows

Shure Wireless/Turbo Tuner (switch over to TT for recording) --> Decimator II --> Flashback Mini --> Loop-Master A/B Switcher

A: Loop-Master Looper/Amp-switcher (timeline and bluesky in the loop. midi controller does banks on the timeline) --> Ditto Looper.
B: Straight into the Ditto Looper.

I could honestly ditch the TB looper/amp selector with this setup, but it's handy if I'm only running one amp. Can engage the dirty channel and kill the effects all in one go. Just got everything setup this afternoon, so it could still get cut. Not sure I'll be doing any single amp gigs for a while.

Anyway, I have one side feeding into my TT, and the other into my Traynor DH40H. I'm going to be starting a stereo 2X12 this weekend. Both speakers will be a Warehouse Veteran 30, but one side 16 ohm, and the other side 8 to match each of the amps.
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