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Post by Slartibartfarst42 » Sun Dec 06, 2015 6:07 pm

This is just a question about effects, not amp modelling as I love my Orange amp.

My amp is a TH30 going through an Orange 1X12 and at the moment I run the following set up:

Guitar - Korg Tuner - 535Q - Hardwire Overdrive - Amp - Boss GE7 - Boss GE7 (for solo boosts) - ISP Decimator - Hardwire Delay - Hardwire Reverb - Amp

All of this fits very nicely onto my pedalboard, though there isn't any spare space. I'd now like to toy with adding a few other effects that I may not use as regularly but the only way I can fit them onto the available space is to go with a more compact option. Two possibilities leap to mind, the Line 6 M9 and the TC Nova System. Both seem to have a good reputation but both have limited routing options and that raises a couple of concerns because all effects will either be in front of the amp or in the loop. I was under the impression that overdrives, distortions and compressors don't work well in the loop and modulation effects don't work well in front of the amp so surely that means I could only ever use half the system in either unit. Is that right? I should point out that I don't mind keeping my existing Overdrive pedal as I don't need a completely all-in-one solution.

The obvious advantage with the M9 is the almost endless options but I believe the overdrives on the M9, meaning I'd certainly keep my Hardwire Overdrive pedal are poor but I could keep the Hardwire Overdrive pedal. The drives on the Nova System are apparently much better but if I used the Drives here in front of the amp, how would that impact on the other effects that are conventionally located in the loop?

A lot of my issues may be down to not understanding how these things work but basically:

1) Which one would work best with my amp?
2) Which of my existing effects would I be best keeping with each one of these options?
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