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Could you help my band?

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2015 6:48 pm
by callmesnake
Hi guys!

I'll be doing a new video soon for my recently purchased Micro Terror (good grief it's loud!) In the meantime, could I ask you good folk a favor please?

I know this isn't about those lovely Orange amps, but could you please help me by voting for my band? We've got a new single out, and we've just been added to an Unsigned Chart. It depends on voting each week to keep us in (we're currently No 2).
Here's the link -" onclick=";return false;

My band is "Dukes of New York" and our song is called "Nails". Could I ask you to please give us a vote. In fact, the solo does feature a certain OR15! :D

Many thanks guys!