PLEASE HELP: Right switch for using 2 amps, keeping FX loop

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PLEASE HELP: Right switch for using 2 amps, keeping FX loop

Post by SurferMax » Thu Oct 01, 2015 5:25 pm

Hi guys,

I am looking for a simple solution to use my pedalboard with my 2 amps. I have a Fender Twin Reverb and an Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII.

The first pedal in my pedalboard is a TC Electronics Polytuner. I plug my guitar directly in there. It follows a Wah>Fuzz Face>J Rockett Archer (Klon klone)>Tone Bender>EHX Octavix>Catalinbread DLS (Marshall SL/SB sim)>Front amp (Orange). The effects in the FX loop are: Amp Send>Chorus>Flanger>Deja Vibe>Catalibread Belle Epoch (Echoplex sim)>Moog Delay>Amp Return.

I would like to continue using the Orange's FX Loop. Thus, I think I would need to have 2 inputs (for both effects chains) and 3 outputs, 1 with both effects chain combined for the Twin Reverb (like A+B), and 2 that keeps the signals in parallel, so I can plug one to the Orange’s FX Loop and the other one to the amp’s front input.

Is is possible to do this? If so, what pedal shall I need? Would Morley's ABC Switch work for this setting? I own a Boss Line Selector LS-2 and an EHX Switchblade Plus, so if I need some “backups” I could use those. However, I would like to keep it as simple as possible.

Thank you all!
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