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Orange + Torpedo Reload

Post by thejay » Sun Jun 21, 2015 11:03 am

Any two note users?

I just picked up a Torpedo Reload, WOW, this thing is awesome. I greatly appreciate the MKIIIs attenuator and wish the OR100 had one so the Reload is a nice piece to have in my opinion. Other than that it was purchased to help record 'silently' and not bother the family. Downloaded the Wall of Sound plugin and picked out a 412 to blast the OR thru and I am pleased :D I did run the attenuator thru my 212OB as well and just kept it low to hear a reference point, but very cool unit! I haven't tried to reamp anything yet... I plan to try all the heads with it at some point but I totally dig the OR and wanted it to have the first go round.
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