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Shameless non profit promotion....

Post by Wendigo » Sat Jun 13, 2015 9:28 pm

This is gonna sound kinda retarded, but could you guys just click this link and have a look around, maybe create and account. It's's all in german, so it literally has nothing to do with you guys, I know. It's a forum i made for my local area, and it's going to allow local musicians to connect and set up jams, sell or trade gear, chat etc...just becuase there's no real scene here. All out of the goodness of my heart and non profit, I just happen to be the top teacher in the area, ie. the most web presence so I can make it happen with patience. I think google likes to see traffic and it will kinda get the ball rolling a bit. If not, no biggie, but every little bit helps. Oh btw "registrieren" means register, "benutzername" is username, "kennwort" or "passwort" is password, and "klicken" is click. :lol: I think there's a google tranlate thing too so whatever. I'm interested to see if anyone can make it through the language barrier.. oh and by all means introduce yourseves and speak english, germans love it generally speaking.

Hier ist das Link!!!!


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