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Post by a.hun » Fri Jan 23, 2015 1:36 am

Les Paul Lover wrote:And some users have found the clean channel to be able to match the dirty channel volume but only when using a clean boost type pedal.

So it can match the dirty channel volume with outside help. :)
Yep, true. I do love the dirty channel which can do everything from clean on up really well I find. If it was the only channel it would still be a great amp. But I love the Natural channel at least as much and wouldn't change a single thing about it myself - to me it is very close to pure Orange perfection.

If it did have EQ I'd just superglue everything exactly where it is. And the very low gain is the channel's special secret. Crank it past the point where it starts getting dirty and all of that overdrive is pure power stage overdrive. The single preamp gain stage simply won't distort with any normal pickups, and the pure power stage overdrive gives a very different feel from any preamp overdrive. It is much more touch responsive, you really feel it working with you as you play. Of course things are reasonably loud by then, but not as loud as you can get with the Dirty channel. So...

Sure on it's own it'll never get as loud as the Dirty channel. But, because there is still some unused clean headroom there, simply hitting the Normal channel with a bit more input signal will take it up some meaning higher actual output. Yes, a clean boost (eg. the MXR Micro Amp several of us use) will get you greater actual clean and dirty volume levels and can allow you to easily match the two channels for maximum volumes too.

I simply set the clean boost into the Normal channel to where I am getting the level I want and then I'll back off the dirty channel gain (/ or master) a little to compensate. (This doesn't really limit the maximum volume I can get with the Dirty channel but it does actually increase that with the Natural one. I can either match volumes or get the required amount of boost I might want when channel switching.

Personally I love setting things so the two channels are pretty much equal in volume so that I can switch between them at will. I can switch basically inaudibly either way even during the sustain of a note [*] and all you'll really notice is that the next note played is clean instead of driven (or the other way round). It is strange but true: if the levels match at the moment you switch you don't really notice the fact that it has suddenly gone clean or dirty - very cool! Since the channel tonalities never seem to jar however you EQ the Dirty channel, if you match the levels well you then have two channels which totally compliment each other rather than sounding as if they are in two completely different amps. Makes the two apparently very different channels perfect partners for live use! 8)

[* Because the Normal channel has such low gain notes do die off much quicker there. My own trick to fine tune the levels is to set things so that if I channel switch from dirty to clean just a second or so into a normal note decay the levels at that moment are identical. That also gives slightly higher actual maximum output from the clean channel - for the note attacks. But because we hear dirty sounds as a bit louder than clean sounds at identical actual output power levels the clean and dirty channels will then basically sound as if they are maxing out at the same level.]

You can of course set the Dirty channel to sound louder than the clean if you want, (or vice versa), just balance things to taste. And of course depending on how you set the input boost you can then have four different volume / drive levels, boost on and off for each channel.

These are just a couple of the tricks I like using with the R.30, but you can find your own. Some actually use the Normal channel with drive pedals for all their dirty sounds and use the 'Dirty' channel clean. There are plenty of options, and I don't see any good reason to dislike using something like a clean boost. After all you aren't changing the tonalities at all, only the input gain. Very very useful with that amp!

aNDyH. :wink:

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Post by WALKEN » Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:06 am

And always remember, WALKEN has 2 R30's and they are pretty much brand new and the Limited edition white one is in the box. Neither have left here the day they came here. So someday when someone is willing to give me what I payed for them they are yours :D

Not trying to sell anything, just sayin, lol...

Carvin TS100 hmmmmmm :idea:

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Post by Moonstone » Fri Jan 23, 2015 8:08 am

Is true that the rocker 30 isn't so different, about gain and tone, from an OR15?
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Post by Bensnake » Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:43 am

Moonstone wrote:Is true that the rocker 30 isn't so different, about gain and tone, from an OR15?
I've owned both. The Rocker is slightly darker in tone (all knobs at noon), has more punch and percieved dynamics, more kinda "in your face"-ish. The OR15 has more gain on tap but gets fizzy above 1-2 o'clock. The Rocker is a better amp IMO though the OR is great as well.
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Post by Beexter » Fri Jan 23, 2015 1:40 pm

Some really good tips from a.hun there, thank you.
Bensnake wrote:Great amp! Congrats. :D It's not often you see them in mint cond. Where did you get it from?
It was listed on Gumtree and Ebay but paired with a 4x12 Orange cab. I contacted the seller and asked if he'd split it and he said he would if the Ebay auction finished with no bids. It meant I had to cross my fingers for a week but fortunately for me, it didn't sell on Ebay so I was able to just buy the head.

He had owned it from new and had cut down the packaging cardboard it came with to make a fairly solid sleeve which fits over it. Probably why the condition is as good as it is - especially as it was made in 2008!

I've only had the chance to play it at home volumes but I like what I hear so far. The natural channel is voiced perfectly for what I was looking for- it's warmer and bassier than my Vox without being muffled. I love the simplicity of one control and how it changes according to which guitar and pickup combination you use. The dirty channel on clean settings gives you additional EQ options if needed and the drive sounds great. Can't wait to crank this in a rehearsal studio!

It feels like a solid amp - I like the feel of the switches and pots, they have a good weight to them. The only issue I have found with this one is that the input jack socket has cracked (it's plastic). It works but will need to be replaced. This however, looks like it will be a pain as it is PCB mounted and it looks like I have to completely disassemble the amp to get to it.....

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Post by Mystic38 » Fri Jan 23, 2015 2:16 pm

My feelings exactly..
onetracker wrote:hey congrats on the r30.

I've had mine for all of 3 weeks now and have luxury of being able to crank it everyday. the natural channel has disproportionately less volume than the dirt channel so I've been sort of avoiding it. but due to the responses here I'm gonna throttle it up as soon as I get home. straight up tho I miss the clean channel on the th30. but the dirt channel on the R30 is epic.

rock on

I did a comparison of cleans a few days ago and volume wise the TH30 ate the R30's lunch even on 7W settings and at 1/4 volume.. so imo for a pure pedal platform the th30 is much superior... and the TH30 tone gets substantially fuller with 4 valves and 30W setting.

In saying that, the R30 clean does break up very nicely past noon, and after reading LPL's post, in the interests of pure clean comparison I will hold the volume down and drive up the input today using the boost of the Empress and see what happens.

The dirty channel is just another beast.. tonally very different to the TH30.. I had originally thought that the R30 would replace the TH30, but its not going anywhere :)

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Post by Jimmy » Fri Jan 23, 2015 8:33 pm

Bensnake is right on. I own both at the moment. Very similar to the OR15. R30 is a bit clearer and more sensitive to your playing.

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Post by thejay » Sat Jan 24, 2015 9:28 am

Congrats! Enjoy! :D
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