the mad scientist rig... oh my

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the mad scientist rig... oh my

Post by Wired » Wed Sep 24, 2014 9:22 pm

In the search of how to both get the most out of my rig and downsize... yea that won't happen...I've come up with a man eating monster rig with the hear of it being my Rockerverb 50.

This is just a proof of concept right now as I stop by the jam space on the way home from work to grab all the toys to wire up my board... but oh my. This is going to be scarry. I play in a prog-hard rock band, google "The Contortionist" which is the band we sound closest too...we're just a bit more spacey.

My current signal chain:
Guitar - EB volume pedal - Vox Wah - Xotic RC Booster - Diamond Comp - Xotic AC Booster - Emma RF-2 - Empress Multi-Drive - Radial ABY
Radial A - RV50
Radial B - AC30
RV50 FX Send - EHX POG 2 - Diamond Tremolo - Vox Delay Lab - Retro Sonic Phaser - Dr. Scientist Tremoloessence - Vox Time Machine - Line 6 M9 - Line 6 DL4 - Maxon AD999 - Radial Dragster (does this do anything?!) - FX Return
Marshall 1960A loaded with Greenbacks and Vitnage 30's in an X config

What I'm planning....

Guitar - EB Volume pedal - Vox Wah - Line 6 HD500
Line 6 HD500 FX Send - Xotic RC Booster - Diamond Comp - Xotic AC Booster - RV50 input
RV 50 FX Loop send - Line 6 HD500 FX Loop return
Line 6 HD500 output - POG 2 - DL4 - AD999 - RV50 FX Loop Return
Marshall 1960A loaded with Greenbacks and Vitnage 30's in an X config

It's a lot less pedals yes?

Now here is where we unlock the insanity! The RV50 has one of the greatest driven tones out there, but I'm an AC30 guy for cleans. I don't mind RV50 cleans, just I like more jangle. I would also like to really get some searing metal/djent style leads going on, and the RV50 just doesn't get close enough. So with this setup of the HD500 I can setup patches where I can bypass the preamp section of my RV50 at anytime! This means I can use the amp modeling direct into the poweramp section without color from the RV50.

I can now get my AC30 cleans without having to haul around a heavy, finky, irreplaceable vintage amp. I can also get any of ther other amp tones from the HD500 whenever I want. Of coruse my primary tone is still the RV50 and will continue to be. But if I have the option of a Soldano 100 tone when I want it and it better sutis the part than the RV50? Sure, I'm going to use it.

This wasnt' the original idea behind the HD500.... I bought it as a practice tool a couple of years ago, and it has been really good for it. But I'm finding the M9 is too unstable (it crashes a lot) and would like to strip most of my board for simplicity and power saving.

Anyone else try this 4CM of hooking up the Hd500 with an RV? what has been your experience?
RV50, Vox AC30, Gibson LP Trad '14, Gibson ES-335 '04, PRS Cu24 '10, Fender Tele Pro, Gretsch Powerjet

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