What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

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What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by Thinline_slim » Tue Jan 07, 2014 7:17 pm

And what about them really keeps you hanging onto it?

Out of the 6 amps I now own only 1 is outside of Orange.

The amp I have outside of the Orange family is my Genz Benz Black Pearl 30 (since I sold my THD Flexi-50 when I got the OR50) and it's everything I like in that Vox AC30/Matchless DC30 rock tone and I didn't have to spend Vox/Matchless money getting it used. My only beef is that it's pretty damn loud in 30W mode before it breaks up.

As for my Oranges I have(in order of weight); OR50, AD30htc, TT10 combo, TT head and MT

How about you?
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Re: What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by ironlung40 » Tue Jan 07, 2014 7:47 pm

This thread could not have come at a better time for me...I have decided that I have had too much Orange and Marshall in my life....I have found my tone with my OR120 and am very happy, but I am also a bit bored as I have owned mainly Orange and Marshall amps since 2008.

Currently have:
OR120 Pix Text....1973-74 model (Best toneful & dynamic amp I have ever played thus far)
Tiny Terror Hard Wired (Lunch Box amp....keeps sandwiches warm too)
AD5 Combo
PPC412 LTD 40th
Marshall JCM 800 2203
Marshall valvestate 60 combo used as practice amp. ( got this in 1998 or 1999)

Have had Orange:
Retro 50 custom shop
AD50 custom shop
AD140 custom shop (great, great amp) maybe only 50 or so made give or take
AD140HTC (great amp)
OR50 40th production model
Rocker 30 (3) with demeters and with mercury magnetics...also owned a combo so (4)
RV100 (liked the rocker much better)

Have Had Other:
marshall vintage modern 2466
marshall jcm 900's, had all i.e. SLX, MKIII, and 4100 dual reverb
marshall dual channel 2210 jcm 800, and a 2205
marshall 30 anniversary model 6100 (great amp btw)
fender hot rod deville 2x12
fender twin reverb 65 blackface
mesa boogie studio preamp thru crest power amp (Cobain fan here)

I just bought:
ampeg V4 and will give that a go in the upcoming days/weeks...I haven't picked it up yet.

I would love to try some different flavors going forward, though, and may do so...but I am about amp'd out I think. there are still a couple more vintagey models I'd like to try, if ever presented with an opportunity.

As far as what makes me hold onto my current Oranges:
the OR120 just blooms out the notes...it was not as gainy of an amp as I had gotten accustomed to but I love the tone of it so much that my playing has actually changed around what it does...it's tone is what I hear in my head most of the time.....the TThw is meant to be a grab and go practice amp that mimicks the OR120 a lil' bit...although at lower watts and not near OR120, it is close enough...it has it's own tone that is great so it fills that need well for me.

Marshall 2203:
I hang onto, because sometimes I enjoy a generic rock tone. :mrgreen:
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Re: What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by Bensen » Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:03 pm

Next to my AD30 I have a current model Vox AC15, a Boogie MK2a and a customised Deluxe Reverb copy (by a German builder):


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Re: What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by OrangePaul » Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:24 pm

In order of weight...

Orange OR120 head, ADA/Marshall 9005 (stereo rack 2x50watt), Marshall JMP50 combo, Mesa Rectoverb 50 combo, Blackstar HT1R practice combo.

I don't consider that I've gone through a lot of gear over the years... The only amps I've willingly let go are a carlsbro 90 bass head and a fender sidekick combo.
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What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by DiabloS » Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:25 pm

I only have Orange for tube amps now. My other amps are solid state Kustom KGA65 which sounds surprisingly good and has good sounding built-in effects too. I can even get vocals to sound great through this amp as well as drum machines. The built-in distortion sounds real good too.

And for convenience I have two really small amps, a Roland Cube 15w and another cheapie 10 watt amp to drag onto the patio in the summer :D
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Currently own:
Dual Terror
Micro Terror

Used to own:
Thunderverb 50
Rocker 30
Tiny Terror

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Re: What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by Surgeon » Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:37 pm

My only amps that aren't Oranges are:
-mesa rectoverb series1 head
-blackheart killer ant head

-Rocker30 head
-Thunderverb50 (acquired yesterday)

Previous amps:
-Marshall jcm800 combo
-Genz Benz El Diablo 60 combo
-th30 (missed it until I got the tv)

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Re: What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by Les Paul Lover » Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:41 pm

None. RV50 and AD15 for me.
I had a brief relationship with a dsl40 combo (nice profit on the resale), and an AD5 that became redundant once I got the AD15.

I couldn't afford one now if it came my way, buy I must that Genz Benz Black Pearl is a fantastic amp, and constantly On my eBay search. Totally underrated and unknown, but fantastic amp. It was a close call between that and my RV50 when I bought it.

Orange Gear: RV50 MKI, R30, AD15, AD5, PPC212
Past Orange: Orange AD30TC Combo, Tiny Terror

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Re: What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by bclaire » Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:05 am

It's ridiculous I know, but here's what I have in other amps, what I used to have, and Oranges I have....

Currently have (other amps):
1989 Marshall JTM-45-RI head
1989 Marshall JTM-45-RI housed in Bluesbreaker combo
1992 Marshall 6101 30th Anniversary combo
80's Marshall 1936 2X12 cab
1970 Marshall 1960A 4X12 cab
1970 Marshall 1960B 4X12 cab
1930's National amp
1930's National amp - painted black non-working
1964 Silvertone amp 1482
1966 Fender Bandmaster
1975 Fender VT Bassman 15 cab
1965 Fender Bandmaster cab
1987 Fender Champ 12
90's Fender Sidekick 15
2010 Vox AC-4
1975 OMEC 2X12 Speaker Cabinet

Amps I used to have:
1972 Marshall Superlead
1974 Marshall Superlead
!967 Marshall Trem 50
1973 Ampeg VT-22
1978 Fender Twin Reverb
early 70's Sound amp
1975 OMEC Digital Programmable Amp

Oranges I have:
2002 AD30TC 30TC
2013 AD30TC AD30TC
2001 Orange AD140TC
1978 Orange OR80M
1991 Orange OR80M
2012 Orange OR15
2012 Orange PPC112
1970's Orange 4X12
1970's Orange 4X12
2007 Orange AD200B MK 3
2000's Orange OBC115 bass cab
2006 Orange OBC410 bass cab
1973 Orange Double Horn Unit
2007 Orange Tiny Terror
2012 Orange Micro Terror
2012 Orange PPC108
2012 Orange Stereo Micro Crush wedding gift from Orange!
2006 Orange Micro Crush

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Re: What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by tarfungo » Wed Jan 08, 2014 1:27 am

1964 JMI AC-4 Brown Grill
1965 JMI AC-10 Twin Black Grill
1962 JMI AC-15 Fawn/Brown Grill
1964 JMI AC-30TB/6 Super Twin Black Grill
1965 JMI AC-30TB/6 Twin Black Grill
1965 JMI AC-50 Super Twin Black Grill
1965 JMI AC-100 Super Twin Black Grill
1966 JMI 7120
1967 JMI Conqueror
Bunch of newer VOX stuff...

1977 JMP MV2203
1977 1960A Checkerboard Grill
1977 1960B Checkerboard Grill

2006 Rocker 30C
2011 AD30HTC
2011 PPC212x2
2012 OR50H
Orange AD30HTC
Orange Rocker 30 Combo
Orange OR50H
Orange PPC212 x 2

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Re: What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by baytamusic » Wed Jan 08, 2014 3:20 am

60s Ampeg Gemini II
70s Ampeg VT-22
90s Fender Princeton Chorus
70s Marshal 1960a cab
60s Traynor 2x12 cab
78 GK 4412h bass cab (4x12 and 2x10 fridge)

81 Marshall JCM800 2204 vertical input
Marshal 1959 "plexi" reissue
Marshall Class 5
Vox AC15c1
76 Fender Pro Reverb
Fender Champion 600
Kustom 250
Ampeg B25
Ampeg V4
Kalamazoo Model One
Magnatone M10a
Emperor 1x12 cab
Sound City 4x12 cab
Ampeg 410he cab
Hiwatt 1x10 cab
Fender 4x12 cab
Fender 2x15 cab
Mesa 1x12 cab

Orange stuff I had:
Orange AD50
Orange TT head
Orange PPC212

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Re: What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by iblastoff » Wed Jan 08, 2014 3:46 am

i have a bunch of other amps and im too lazy to list them. this is my fav of the bunch though


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Re: What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by RomuluxX » Wed Jan 08, 2014 3:51 am

Right now my only other amp is a Peavey Ultra Plus. It's a super underrated amp for metal. It's basically a 6505 but with a fairly good clean channel and an incredibly 80's looking light up logo :lol: I do have a custom Hovercraft Dwarvenaut 20 being built right now, and I am super stoked to get that sucker in and turn it up.

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Re: What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by guilleonline » Wed Jan 08, 2014 4:44 am

Cool thread!!!

Vox ac4c1 (which lately gets the most love forits weight :mrgreen: )
Fender Vibrolux Custom Reverb 2x10
Orange AD30tc
Orange TH30 head
Orange PPC112
Emperor 2x12 Open Back
Vox NT112 cab
and an Ampeg mini bass rig head and cab combo that is a beast firing 100 watts through a 2x10 cab.

I sold my Dual Terror last year and man I miss it. :evil:
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Re: What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by Hubaxe » Wed Jan 08, 2014 7:29 am

I still have my CARVIN X60A I bought new in 1991. Nice little combo.
I also still have my former stage amp, a CARVIN QUAD X preamp and a CARVIN Tube 100 power amp.

and a Marshall MG2FX... 2 watts for living room playing :D the only non-valved amp there.

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Re: What amp(s) do you own that aren't Orange?

Post by jesperbc » Wed Jan 08, 2014 9:34 am

Wow, my gear pales in comparison to what some of you guys have... Billy, that is just insane!

Have now, other:
Vox AC15C1 combo

Have now, Orange:
Orange TH100 head

Have had, other:
Vox Valvetronix AD120VTX combo
Carlsbro 60W Twin Channel head
Roland Cube combo

Have had, Orange:
Orange AD30HTC head
Orange Crush Pix CR35LDX combo

Luckily, I don't regret selling any of those other amps, but I have list of amps I want, so long, that Santa would put me on the "naughty list" for being greedy. ;)
Gear: Orange Rocker 30 head, Orange TH100 head, Orange PPC212OB cab, pedals galore, Fender MIJ 52 RI Tele w. BKP Blackguard Flat '52s, Fender MIA Standard Strat w. Fender CS Fat '50s, ESP LTD MH-1000 w. BKP (AlNiCo) Nailbomb/VHII.

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